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In the office of the future, technology will play a central role in enabling employees to work in healthy and productive environments. From the moment you enter The Net you are greeted with all the amenities you would expect in a top-tierdevelopment focused on the tenant experience. The Net offers next-generation smart technology to promote a safe and thriving working environment, including features that will be seen for the first time in Seattle. The building provides a touchless environment for building access, elevators and restrooms. Tenants and guests will be welcomed and seemlessly guided through virtual security screenings to their workspaces or conferences. Presentations will be launched prior to arrival, the room’s temperature adjusted to personal tastes. Most importantly, these technologies analyze millions of collected data points and will actually learn, over time, to operate even more efficiently and provide businesses with information to help maximize efficiency & design. The Net is a vertical campus where health and wellbeing have been considered from top to bottom.


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